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Audio Guest Book


What is it?

An Audio Guest Book is an awesome alternative (or addition) to the traditional guest book. Capture authentic voice recorded message from your loved ones as they speak from the heart, make you laugh, or leave words of wisdom for you to cherish forever. 


Rent for $400

Book the Audio Guest Book with the VW Photo Booth Bus to get $75 off. 


How it works

It's easy! Your guests will pick up the phone and leave a message. When they're done they hang up the phone to save the message. Your guests will have a blast leaving a  message (or two) throughout the night and you'll love listing back on the messages for years to come.


  • Is there a limit on the amount of recording time or total recordings?
    No limit! Guests can record as much as they'd like.
  • Does the phone plug into an outlet?
    No outlet is need. The phone can can be set up anywhere.
  • Is there any type of Audio Guest Book signage included?
    There is generic signage included that explains how guests can use the phone. If you are looking for a more customized sign, we always suggest purchasing an editable template on Etsy.
  • How many color options are there?
    We have NINE color options available: Ivory, pink, black, light blue, dark blue, mint green, orange, yellow and red.

What to expect

Book Online

Book your Audio Guest Book online and choose from multiple color options.

If you would like to book the Photo Bus and Audio Guest Book together, choose to book the VW bus and select an Audio Guest Book as an add-on.

Event Day 

On the day of your event, the phone will be delivered to the venue.

Plug it into the external "brain" and it's ready to go. No outlet or WIFI required! A generic Audio Guest Book sign is included with your booking.

After the Event 

At the end of your event the phone will be picked up from the venue, and that's it!

Audio files will be delivered within 2 - 3 weeks and sent via Dropbox in .MP3 formamt.

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