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Meet the Owners


Meet Brad and Erika, the duo-team behind the bus! Here to offer you a unique photo booth experience and create memories that will last a lifetime.


Born and raised in Las Vegas, Brad also doubles as a bartender at an amazing local steakhouse. He is quite the creative storyteller (see below) and will constantly have you laughing.


Erika was born in Seattle, WA, and has lived in Las Vegas for the last 9 years. During the day, she is a graphic designer for a financial tech company. She is often the one you'll be speaking with through email or social media.

Here is our story
(Inspired by true-ish events as told by Brad)

Let me take you on an adventure, one that goes way, way back to the year 2020. Like many stories, this story starts out in a land far, far away. A magical oasis in the middle of the desert where dreams become reality, a place full of warm-hearted people, where smiles grow on trees and kindness is around every corner -- no, I’m not talking about Pahrump -- I’m talking about Las-freaking-Vegas. I truly believe Gandhi was talking about Vegas when he said, “a smile doesn't cost a thing, suga.” Anyways... There we were, smack dab in the middle of the nationwide shutdown, doing our daily walk when, BOOM, it hit us -- an idea so revolutionary, so imaginative, so insane, it just might work... We should submit an audition video to Survivor, show the world our survival skills, and walk away with a cool million. Well, we did that, and not only did they reject us, they told us our survival skills were so bad they were honestly surprised we were still alive.

After putting most of our eggs in that basket, we didn't have much left. On our last-ditch effort for a lifetime of happiness, we had one more golden egg idea... A Tinder for cats and dogs. It was a foolproof plan; the only problem was they lacked the fingers to swipe. Well, after that epic fail, we hit rock bottom. 0-2 on good ideas.

Now, it's Hail Mary time -- one more mistake and it’s game over. After many hours of putting pen to paper and tossing ideas into a wastebasket, we finally wrote down an idea that would change our lives and the world forever... A VW photo booth bus. Originally, we wanted to implant an Artificial Intelligence electronic computer module in the VW, like K.I.T.T. in Knight Rider, but after doing more research, we found out that show wasn’t real. So, we're keeping it classic. Restoring a 1970 VW wasn't a walk in the park; she required a little elbow grease. But once we wiped that useless elbow grease off her, she looked right as rain. Rescuing this 1970 VW bus from a life stuck in an old barn, to being restored and converted to a photo booth bus, has been my life's greatest accomplishment! Aside from my Dundies, of course.



When we purchased the bus, it was faded blue, touched up with spray paint, filled with dirt everywhere and had old abandoned beehives in the ceiling and doors.

Check out some photos we took on our restoration journey. From the flooring to the panels, wood ceiling, interior/exterior paint, and more. We chose to do all the work ourselves and spent many, many hours getting this deluxe 1970 VW ready for the spotlight. While she may not be a show car, she sure made an amazing comeback.

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